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hair care

DNC Oil – Growth Stimulant for Thin and Colored Hair.

Many women face the problem of weak, thin and fine hair which doesn’t want to grow. DNC – Russian brand offering natural cosmetics – has confronted the problem and launched Oil Growth Stimulant for

Castor oil in good company. Home-made hair spray.

Castor oil offers an endless variety of healthful properties for hair. It’s worth mentioning that the oil cares for the scalp, helps to fight dandruff and stops hair loss. It eliminates various microbes which

Khadi – Oil Stimulating Hair Growth.

There is no other oil which boosts hair growth like castor oil – known for ages and appreciated worldwide. If it  is supported by special Indian plant oils: Amla and Bhringraj – the effect

Tips: How should you use castor oil for it to be effective?

Natural methods of hair care are coming back, because those do not weight on the budget. What is more, they to not require additional equipment, are safe and their effectiveness is proven by generations