Tips: How should you use castor oil for it to be effective?

castor-oil.jpgNatural methods of hair care are coming back, because those do not weight on the budget. What is more, they to not require additional equipment, are safe and their effectiveness is proven by generations of happy women. Today, we will talk about castor oil, in other words irreplaceable home made cosmetic for hair care. How should you use it?

Price of castor oil is one of the lowest, and at the same time this oil provides the most gloss. It proves positive properties of this product. Although, you should remember that use of castor oil does not bring the same results for everyone. It depends of individual preferences and the method of application.

Castor oil for hair oil treatment?

Castor oil can be applied directly on hair or as an ingredient of hair products. However, it has to be said that for oil treatment, this oil is not that good. Properties of castor oil make thick formula difficult in administration on the entire hair length and heavy oil is later on not easy to rinse. It does not mean you have to quit using castor oil on your hair. However, you may consider combining it with other, lighter oil as a base. As a direct product, this oil is great for protection of ends or for oil treatment of scalp. Instead of application of castor oil on entire hair length, try spot action and apply it only on skin of head, while performing delicate massage.

Castor oil for wet hair?

It is rather not recommended to apply castor oil on wet hair, but it is much different when it comes to slightly damp hair. You should moist hair before administration of the product for one simple reason – thick castor oil is then easier to apply. Besides, damp hair are more liable to absorption of nourishing ingredients from the oil, and hair are much better looking. You can apply castor oil after hair wash, but always remember to rinse it, because it tends to weight hair down.

Warm castor oil?

In case of castor oil, temperature is important only if you do not have much time. Usually oil should be kept on hair from an hour to few hours (e.g. overnight), but this process can be accelerated. You just need to heat oil up before application and additionally protect hair with warm towel and heat it up with blow dryer. Such treatment requires 15 minutes for results to be visible.