DNC Oil – Growth Stimulant for Thin and Colored Hair.

Many women face the problem of weak, thin and fine hair which doesn’t want to grow. DNC – Russian brand offering natural cosmetics – has confronted the problem and launched Oil Growth Stimulant for thin and coloured hair. Where does its secret lie? And how is it doing in hair care?

DNC Oil Stimulant is a cosmetic which provides hair with essential nutritional ingredients thanks to its active complex formula based on castor hair oil. We won’t find any preservatives in Growth Stimulant for Thin and Coloured Hair – it’s fully ecological. Its effectiveness is not only confirmed by the opinions on castor oil but also by lots of positive reviews of the brand itself.

DNC product has a positive impact on the hair and scalp without disturbing natural balance of the cells. It’s all thanks to mild composition devised in the laboratories of the brand. The action of the DNC Stimulant is founded on four active ingredients.

CASTOR OIL – main ingredient of growth stimulant because the properties of this very oil are responsible for stimulating hair growth and stronger hair bulbs. Castor oil provides moisturizing, strengthening and shine. Most of all, it stops hair loss and breakage in thin and coloured hair. Natural castor oil also soothes irritation of the scalp.

BURDOCK OIL – substance responsible for nourishing, strenghtening and restoring of hair, which results in hindering hair loss and improving its condition.

SOYA OIL – diversity of polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamins. It is resonsible for nourishing and internal rebuilding of the hair cells.

GARLIC AND ONION EXTRACT – two plant extracts which offer the scalp revitalizing properties thus they strengthen and smooth the hair.


Stimulant Oil is applied to hair as a hot treatment. Dip a bag with castor oil, enriched with other ingredients, in hot water for two minutes. Then apply its contents to dry hair before washing. Cover the scalp and strands to the entire length with a thin layer of the product. Put on a shower cap, foil or towel. Wash it away with a delicate shampoo after 30-40 minutes.